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~The Anthem of Humanity~

~You were dead, and He revived you; then He will cause you to die, and He will revive you; then unto Him shall ye return~

The Qur`an 2:26

I have existed  from all eternity 
and behold  I am here, 
and I shall exist  till the end of time 
for my being  has no end.

I soared into limitless space  
and took wing in the imaginal  world, 
approaching  the circle  of exalted light; 
and here I am now  mired in matter.

I listened to the teachings of Confucius,
 imbibed the wisdom  of Brahma,  
and sat  beside Buddha 
beneath  the tree of insight.  
And now  I am here, 
wrestling  with ignorance  and unbelief. 

 I was on Sinai  when Yahweh shed 
His effulgence  on Moses, 
at the River Jordon
 I witnessed  the miracle  of the Nazarene;  
and in Medina  I heard the words 
of the Messenger  to the Arabs.   
And here I am now, 
a captive  of confusion. 

 I beheld the might  of Babylon,
  the glory  of Egypt, 
and the grandeur  of Greece; 
and I still see  the weakness, 
degradation, and pettiness 
in all  those works.  

I sat  with  the sorcerors  of Endor, 
the seers  of Assyria, 
the prophets  of Palestine;
and I persist  in singing  the truth.   

I memorised  the wisdom 
revealed  to India, 
the heartfelt odes  wrought
by  the inhabitants 
of the  Arabian peninsular, 
and the music  that embodies
  the sentiments  of the  Western people; 
yet still  I am  blind  and do not see, 
deaf  and do not hear.  

I endured  the brutality
 of grasping  conquerors,
  suffered oppression 
at the hands of  tyrannical  rulers, 
and was enslaved  by despots: 
yet a power  remains 
whereby I struggle  against the days.

I saw  and heard  all that  
whilst still  a child, 
and shall see  and hear  the exploits 
of youth  and  their consequences; 
then I shall  grow old, 
and achieve  perfection, 
and return  unto God.

I existed  from all eternity 
and behold  I am here; 
and I shall exist  till the end of time, 
for my being  has no end.

Kahlil Gibran 
from ~The Vision Reflections on the Way of the Soul.~

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