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~Snowflakes and The Sea ~

In your waking dream,
when you are hushed and listening to your deeper self,
your thoughts, like snowflakes,
fall and flutter and garment
all the sounds of your spaces with white silence

And what are waking dreams but clouds that but blossom
on the sky tree of your heart?
And what are your thoughts but the petals
which the winds of your heart
scatter upon the hills and its fields

And even as you wait for peace
until the formless within you takes form
so shall the cloud gather and drift until its grey desire is shaped
to little crystal suns and moons and stars

So shall the snow of your heart melt when your Spring is come
and thus shall your secret run in streams to seek
the river of life in the valley,
And the river shall enfold your secret
and carry it to the great Sea.

It was but yesterday
that you were moving with the moving sea
and you were shoreless and without a self
Then the wind, the breath of Life, wove you a veil of light on her face;
then her hand gathered you and gave you form
and with a head held high you sought the heights

But the sea followed after you and her song is still with you
And though you have forgotten your parenthood,
she will forever assert her motherhood,
and forever will she call you unto her

In your wanderings among the mountains and the desert
you will always remember the depths of her cool heart
And though often times you will not know for what you long
It is indeed for her vast and rythmic peace

And how else can it be?
In grove and in bower when the rain dances in leaves upon the hill
when snow falls, a blessing and a covenant
in the valley when you leads your flocks to the river
in your fields where brooks, like silver streams,
join together with green garment
in your gardens when the early dew mirrors the heavens
In your meadows when the mist of evening half veils your way

In all these the sea is with you
a witness to your heritage
and a claim upon your love
It is the Snowflake in you
running down to the Sea

If I go with a truth not yet voiced
that very truth will seek me and gather me
Even after the vast sea-wave carries me back
To the vast sea depth

There are those who without knowledge or forethought
reveal a Truth which they themselves do not understand
And there are those who have the Truth within them,
but they tell it not in Words
In the hearts of such as these the spirit dwells in rhythmic silence

~ Man cannot discover new oceans
Until he has courage to lose sight of the shore~

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