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Seawolf's Haven
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~The Beauty of Death~

~And what is it to cease breathing 
but to free the breath 
from its restless tides,
that it may rise  and expand 
and seek God 

The veil  that clouds  your eyes
shall be lifted  by the hand 
that wove it.

And the clay  that fills your ears 
shall be pierced by those fingers 
that kneaded it

And you shall see
And you shall hear
For in that day 
you shall know 
the hidden purposes in all things~

~Dry your tears,  raise your heads 
as flowers hold up their stems 
at the coming of the dawn. 

Hold your breath, 
and listen with me  for a moment 
to the rustle  of white wings.

Bury me among  lilies and jasmine. 
Do not weep for me 
but sing a song  of youth and joy

Do not disturb 
the peace of the ether 
with funeral orations 
but let your heart  sing praises with me 
for the afterlife 
and for eternity.

Do not wear black  at my funeral, 
but white,  as at a betrothal.

Do not speak  of my departure 
with tears  in your voices  rather, 
close your eyes 
and you will see  me  among you 
today and tomorrow.

With soft steps 
take me  to a verdant cradle 
in the distant countryside. 
Cover me  with handfuls of earth 
and with iris, jasmine 
and wild rose seeds. 

They will germinate  on my grave 
and breathe in the elements of my body. 
And so they will grow, 
wafting through the air 
my heart's perfume, 
and showing to the sun 
the secrets of my hands; 
and they will bend  with the breeze, 
recalling to the passer-by 
my dreams  and inclinations 
of bygone days…

Here I am  at the top of a mountain, 
my spirit drifting  through the space  of freedom…
I am far away.
I hear only 
the hymns of eternity 
accompanying my spirits journey.~

~We shall see  each other again 
and we shall drink 
the morning dew 
from the cups 
of narcissus flowers~

~Kahlil Gibran ~

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~We shall be known by the tracks we leave behind ~

~ Man cannot discover new oceans
Until he has courage to lose sight of the shore~

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