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~Time ~

You would measure time
the measureless
and the immeasurable.

You would adjust your conduct
and even direct the course
of your spirit
according to hours and seasons

Yet the timeless in you
is aware of life`s timelessness
And knows that yesterday
is but today`s memory,
and tomorrow is today`s dream

And that which sings
and contemplates in you
is still dwelling
within the bounds
of that first moment
which scattered the stars into space

Who among you 
does not feel that his power
to love is boundless?
And yet who does not feel
that very love,
though boundless,
encompassed within
the centre of his being, 
and moving not
from love thought to love thought,
nor from love deeds to other love deeds

And is not time even as love is?
undivided and paceless?

But if in your thought
you must measure time into seasons,
let each season encircle
all the other seasons

And let today embrace the past
with remembrance
and the future
with longing

Kahlil Gibran - The Prophet

~We shall be known by the tracks we leave behind ~

~ Man cannot discover new oceans
Until he has courage to lose sight of the shore~

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